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Be Bordô Rosé is fun and fashionable in a deliciously Bordeaux style, and as refreshing as summer rains. It is made with Cabernet Franc grapes. Its mild character is set off to perfection by just a hint of freshness that makes it the ideal companion for a wide variety of dishes.



52% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc


Be Bordô was born thanks to a rigorous sourcing made by our 15 year experienced team who visited dozens of terroirs before selecting the right one. Château Merlet is to be found not far from the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, in the little village of Cazaugitat which is the highest point in the Gironde (134 meters). Set 45 km south-east of Bordeaux, in the heart of the Entre-deux-Mers region, this 300-hectares vineyard enjoys remarkable exposure to the sun. Its clay limestone soils are ideal for producing supple, fruity, easy-to-drink wines.


Traditional culture of the vine and vinification with modern oenological methods. Limitation of the yields, rigorous selection of the harvest and long maceration periods allowing the extraction of the best fuit flavours, garantee of quality and freshness. A maceration period of six hours. Low temperature fermentation during three weeks to preserve the aromatic character of vine.


Lively, fruity, Be Bordô Le Pink should be tasted very cold with savoury tarts, seafood and dishes of raw fish, sushi, sashimi, tarama, cooked fish, cod pie, dorado Provençal style, fried parsleyed eel, bouillabaisses, mixed salads. It will express all its savours if tasted at a temperature of about 10° and 12° C.