A different way
of enjoying Bordeaux

No, Bordeaux is not inaccessible, and Be Bordô proves it by combining the best of Bordeaux know-how with an unashamedly modern vision of wine.

We love Bordeaux, its many and varied vineyards and its two-thousand-year history, and we believe that this outstanding heritage should be a pleasure rather than a burden.

When you open a bottle of Be Bordô, you are opening a wine that combines immediate pleasure with that traditional Bordeaux elegance, mild character and fruity flavour.

Our wines are made by and for epicureans in search of ever-more-enjoyable moments of conviviality, over an aperitif, with a meal or out for a picnic. The side of the label features icons indicating serving suggestions. These are not intended as rules, but merely as a guide to help you savour the wine in all simplicity.

  • Be Bordô Merlot likes pasta.
  • Be Bordô Sauvignon Blanc likes seafood.
  • Be Bordô Sauvignon Blanc likes fish of all shapes and forms.
  • Be Bordô Cabernet Sauvignon likes a good piece of cheese.
  • Be Bordô Cabernet Sauvignon likes barbecues.
  • Be Bordô Rosé likes grills.
  • Be Bordô Merlot likes poultry.
  • Be Bordô Rosé likes pizzas.
  • And all the Be Bordô wines just love aperitif time!